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New Bridgewater Bridge Project

Inspiring the next generation of bridge builders - September 2021

The New Bridgewater Bridge Project took some time out recently to inspire the next generation of bridge builders.

Year one and two students at Brighton Primary School are spending the term studying bridges and invited the Project to the school to learn all about the state’s biggest ever road project.

With many of the students travelling over the bridge regularly, they were fascinated to learn about its history and the years of work that have gone into planning for its replacement.

Project Director, Ben Moloney presented to the group of 100 students, with many interested in what the new bridge will look like, how it will be built and how long until they can walk across it.

Students were then set the challenge of designing and building their own bridges, with the team on the hunt for the most unique and creative structure.

With many students living close to the new bridge, they’ve keen to follow the progress of the project once construction starts in 2022.