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New Bridgewater Bridge Project


The new Bridgewater Bridge is the largest transport infrastructure project in Tasmania’s history. It will strengthen Tasmania’s National Highway, connect local communities and will change the way people travel between the north and south of the state.

A detailed design for the new bridge and interchanges is still being finalised, but it will have two lanes in each direction and interchanges at Bridgewater and Granton.

Other features include:

  • a speed limit of at least 80km/h
  • a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians
  • safety screens and barriers
  • a navigation clearance consistent with the Bowen Bridge.

A grade separated interchange will connect the Brooker and Lyell highways. There will also be connections to local roads in Bridgewater and Granton.

Rail isn’t part of the project, but we’ll make sure that the future use of the rail corridor isn’t prevented.

Because of the poor condition and growing cost of maintaining the existing bridge, we’re seeking approval as part of the project to remove it once it’s no longer needed.

Many people have a strong connection to the bridge so we’ll be working with the community and the Tasmanian Heritage Council to look at how we can recognise and promote the heritage values of the river crossing and the previous four bridges.