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New Bridgewater Bridge Project

Planning approvals

Before work can start, the project needs to secure a number of planning and environmental approvals. Because of the size, scale and cost of the project, it is being assessed using Tasmania’s new Major Projects assessment pathway  as part of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

Using the Major Projects pathway means that a coordinated assessment of many different approvals can happen at the same time.

This includes land use planning, environmental impacts, Aboriginal heritage, historic cultural heritage, TasWater, threatened species and gas pipeline safety.

The Tasmanian Minister for Planning declared the project to be a Major Project in December 2020.

After obtaining input from relevant regulators and public exhibition of draft criteria, the Development Assessment Panel finalised the Assessment Criteria for the project in May2021.

The project team has prepared a Major Project Impact Statement to respond to the Assessment Criteria set out by the Development Assessment Panel.

For more information about the Major Projects pathway and to find out how you can have a say, visit:

As well as the Major Project Permit, the project also needs a Parks and Wildlife Service Works Authority for the work that we will be doing in the Derwent River. Development Applications with local councils may also be needed for minor works outside the Project Area declared for the Major Project Permit.